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Most Popular Articles

Article What is DNS
The Domain Name System [DNS] is a distributed database, arranged hierarchically, containing records for domain names. The DNS system's main aim is...
Views: 1148
Article How to create Email
First login to your cPanel Go to "Email Accounts" in "Email" section Enter your email name, password, and mail box quota See our video...
Views: 1130
Article How to login to your cPanel
When your domain is active you can access your cPanel by using this url: http://domainname.com/cpanel If your domain is mydomain.com then your...
Views: 1107
Article How to add YM icon in your website
Go to your themes widget Add a Text widget in your prefered location, for example in sidebar Copy this code to the text area <a...
Views: 1096
Article How to access your Email
If your domain is mydomain.com and your email is admin@mydomain.com, then Goto http://webmail.mydomain.com/ Login with admin@mydomain as...
Views: 1093

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